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You can see frequently asked questions and Q&A. Please check before contacting us.


Where can I buy the product?

Our ultrasonic motor is sold by direct sales method.
Since there is no agency, please contact us directly.

Can I get a quote?

Please ask us for an estimate by email, fax, postal etc.
We will reply by phone, email or fax from our company.

Please tell me how to order items.

Please submit the order form by e-mail, fax, mail etc. to our company.
We will reply by phone, email or fax from our company.
※ We can not accept orders by phone.

Is it possible to custom-order?

Since it may be possible, please contact us.

About the use environment and the characteristic of the product.

What is the length of the available cable?

Available drivers vary depending on cable length.
Driver: Recommended cable length of D6030 and D6060 is 0.1 to 10 m.
Driver: Recommended cable length of D6060E is 0.1 ~ 20 m.

Are there any special precautions in the use environment or storage environment?

Because of the structure of the ultrasonic motor, the constituent material of the motor expands
or deforms depending on the preservation environment, and the characteristics of the motor
may change.
Please keep as low humidity condition as possible when storing.
Also, please make sure that the case temperature during use does not exceed 55[℃].

There are variations in characteristics such as maximum torque of the motor purchased
at the same time.

Since the ultrasonic motor is frictionally driven, it is extremely difficult to adjust so that
the torque - rotational speed characteristics and torque - current characteristics are perfectly
We ask that you forgive the variation of the characteristic in the area other than the range of
operation guarantee that we regulate.

How is the endurance time calculated?

In the environment of 23[℃]・50[%], it will be the actual operation period under no load condition.

Can I use it in a vacuum environment?

I'm sorry. Currently line up products are not expected to be used in a vacuum environment.
From now on, we are planning to announce new products such as vacuum-compatible products sequentially.


Magnetic measurement condition of ultrasonic motor

As a result of measurement from 4 directions (axis, left and right) at the time of stop of operation,
it was less than 1 [nT] at a distance of 30 [cm].

How much magnetic field environment can a non-magnetic motor operate?

Our USR-N series can operate with magnetic field of 3[T] or more.
There are stable operation results in the vicinity of MRI equipment and in superconducting
experiment equipment.

Regarding readjustment of motor and driver

Are there any equipment that needs to be prepared to utilize the ultrasonic motor?

In order to operate our ultrasonic motor, in addition to our driver, we need the following items.
 ・Single pole double throw intermediate stop switch, one
 ・10[KΩ] B type variable resistor, one
 ・One power supply capable of 24 VDC output
※About power supply
 Please prepare equipment with a capacity of 1 A or more for USR 30 series motor and 2.5 A
  or more for USR 60 series motor.
  Also, when performing speed control using external signals, a power supply capable of outputting
  0 to 3.2 [V] or a DAC board etc. is required separately.

When the direction of rotation of the motor is switched, the rotation speed changes.

CW, CCW direction may be out of balance.
Please adjust "balance adjustment volume" of our driver and adjust the balance.
※Basically, this adjustment is unnecessary because we are making adjustments before shipping.

The lowest speed has become higher than before.

Please operate "minimum speed setting volume" of our company driver and adjust the rotation
※Basically, this adjustment is unnecessary because we are making adjustments before shipping.

The maximum speed has become lower than before.

Please operate "maximum rotation speed setting volume" of our company's driver and adjust
the rotation speed.
※Since we are making adjustments before shipping, this adjustment is basically unnecessary.

I want to change and extend the cable between the motor and the driver.

When changing and extending the attached motor cable, it is necessary to match and adjust
the motor and driver.
Therefore, please return the motor and driver to us. We will return to customers after
cable change / extension support and driver readjustment at our company.
※Cable, driver adjustment expenses are required.

About trouble and malfunction

The power LED does not light when the power is turned on.

It is possible that the fuse of our company driver has burned out due to overcurrent etc.
For the USR 30 series, prepare a φ 5.2 midget type: 0.8 [A] fuse, in the USR 60 series,
prepare a φ 5.2 midget type: 2.5 [A] fuse and try replacing the fuse.

Driver: Overload lamp turns on when using D6060, D6060E, D6060S and the motor
does not rotate.

  • Due to overload, the current of the motor starts to increase, and the overload detection
    circuit may be running.
    Please turn off the power of the driver, restart the entire system, and check the operation again.
  • The overload detection circuit operates as an abnormality even when the supply current to the driver is small.
    Make sure that the output current of the power supply is large enough.

The LED of the driver lights up, but the motor does not rotate even if the connection
is in the manual and the catalogue.

It is possible that the rotor and the stator of the motor have been fixed due to the storage
environment of the motor and the heat dissipation condition during operation.To fix the fixation,
remove the motor from the device and rotate the motor shaft slightly with the external force while
the stator is fixed.
For confirmation of stable driving, please confirm whether normal characteristics are maintained after fixation is resolved.
※In order to rotate the shaft with external force, a force equal to or higher than the holding
force of the motor is required.

The rotation speed is not stable.

It is possible that the wear of the rotor and the stator is progressing by the life or overload.
Please consider changing to a new motor.

There is a high sound to be heard during rotation.

There is a raspy sound from the motor due to the influence of humidity etc., but there is not
it by the malfunction.
However, if the state in which a decrease in rotation unevenness and holding force is occurring,
due to the advanced wear The possibility of the life of the ultrasonic motor is considered.

After the purchase, the rotation becomes unstable when the shaft of the motor is processed.

It is possible that the pressure that we are adjusting has changed when we work on the axis of
the ultrasonic motor.
After shipment, the trouble caused by the processing to the motor by the customer becomes
a fee repair even if it is within the guarantee period
. Please be careful.