Privacy policy: Basic policy

We recognize deeply that a customer’s personal information is important information which constitutes privacy.
In dealing with personal information in business, all the employees observe the statute and private-information-proctection regulation about personal information.

About treatment of personal information

About offer of personal information

When offer of the personal information from a customer is required, we show a customer the purpose of using the personal information, and use only what the customer consented to.

About use of personal information

In any cases, we do not use personal information except the use purpose for which we obtained consent from the customer.

About offer to the third party of personal information

Except for the case of when we obtain consent from a customer or when we receive the request accompanied by a legal liability based on a statute, we do not provide a third party with a customer’s personal information.

About the safety measures to personal information

In order to protect the personal information kept for the customer from loss, destruction, an external outflow, and unlawful access, we take rational safety measures. In addition, when the use purpose is completed and it becomes unnecessary to keep personal information, we may eliminate a customer’s personal information.

About the inquiry about personal information

When the following request is received from a customer about a customer’s personal information which we manage, a customer’s intention is respected and we take correspondence required within commonsense limits.

The effort about private information proctection

Because the basic policy about private information proctection or a statute is put into practice, we perform the following activities.

  1. .In order to observe the norm of the statute about personal information, and others, the education activities, In-house training and a periodic inspection are carried out.
  2. We direct the request of cooperation required for private information proctection, or security protection also to a business friend.
  3. About a basic policy, an internal rule, and private information proctection, we improve suitably according to a statute, change of social environment, etc.
  4. By publishing to the web page of our company, we keep up this basic policy in the state which a customer can always access.